Navigating the Future of Work in Banking: Embracing Hybrid Models, Career Development, and Adaptability

ANZ recently informed its staff that annual performance reviews and bonuses might be impacted if they don’t work from the office for at least 50% of the time. Other major banks, including Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and NAB, have adopted similar hybrid work policies. Licole emphasizes the sustainability of hybrid work but highlights the importance of being physically present for effective collaboration and teamwork. She emphasizes that office attendance is beneficial for employees’ career development, providing opportunities to learn, build skills, and observe others.

Licole advises young professionals to focus not only on vertical career progression but also on breadth, suggesting that broadening skills and experience will contribute to long-term success. While this may mean missing out on immediate promotions, it builds a stronger foundation for future career growth.

In the face of uncertain future changes in the banking sector, Licole underscores the importance of adaptability. Given the rapid changes in the industry, hiring individuals with a growth mindset becomes crucial. These individuals can learn and adapt quickly, demonstrating agility in both thriving and challenging environments. Licole emphasizes the need for employees who can lead teams or work independently, showcasing the ability to manage whatever challenges arise.

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