Insurance Service

Insurance is an expression of love and responsibility, a safeguard for the future of yourself and your loved ones. Whether it’s an accident, illness, or life’s inevitable uncertainties, insurance offers practical and immediate assistance, making it an essential component of family risk management during challenging times.




Life Cover offers a lump sum benefit in the unfortunate events of death or terminal illness. This amount can be utilized to settle outstanding mortgages, cover children's educational expenses, meet daily living costs, and address various financial needs.

Income Protection

Income Protection Cover becomes a crucial support in instances where illness or injury hinders your ability to work in your current occupation or any occupation.


In the event of a permanent inability to work due to illness or injury, Total and Permanent Disability Cover (TPD) offers a lump sum benefit. This financial support aims to alleviate the burden of financial stress, allowing you to sustain your quality of life.

Active Cover

Active is a comprehensive insurance package designed for enduring protection against severe illnesses, injuries, terminal conditions, and demise. Unlike other trauma covers in Australia, Active Cover spans 169 health events, with a greater proportion of benefits for severe cases.


Trauma cover shields you and your family in the occurrence of a specified health event, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, and more. It offers a lump sum benefit applicable for covering out-of-pocket medical expenses, ongoing rehabilitation costs, mortgage repayments, and replacing lost income.

Cover In Super

Your Super offers the flexibility to cover three essential aspects: Life, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) for Any Occupation, and Income Protection. Opting for these covers through your superannuation allows the premiums to be funded by your super funds instead of directly from your out-of-pocket expenses.

Insurance is a highly efficient wealth safeguard for various reasons

Insurance emerges as the most effective wealth shield because it enables the transfer of substantial risks and potential losses to the insurer at a relatively modest cost. In the face of unforeseen risks, insurance offers a vital source of cash flow to assist in various aspects:

Settling loans, Safeguarding assets, Funding children’s education, Securing life in old age, Facilitating wealth inheritance, Covering out-of-pocket medical expenses, Sustaining rehabilitation costs, Managing daily living expenses, Funding home improvements, Addressing funeral expenses, Ensuring future income security, Facilitating charitable donations

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Why you need insurance

The sequence of tomorrow and accidents remains uncertain. Global occurrences such as the impact of Covid-19, forest fires, and volcanic eruptions are all unpredictable accidents. The decision to purchase insurance is not based on foreseeing the future, but rather on acknowledging the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Engaging in precautionary measures, actively managing risks, and avoiding unnecessary chances represent a profound expression of love and protection for both yourself and your family. It is a commitment to ensuring their well-being in the face of unforeseen events.

How to get the right insurance

What factors should be considered when selecting insurance
Australian insurance is a complex financial product. Speed Lending focuses on key factors, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive coverage terms, automatic upgrades, global protection, early-stage underwriting, favorable premium structures, and efficient one-stop service through dedicated specialists for an enhanced customer experience.

Insurance comparison Life TPD Trauma Income Protection Active
Receive Monthly Benefit for being unable to work due to sickness or injuries.
Receive a lump sum benefits when you are permanently disabled and unable to work to in your occupation or any occupation.
Receive a lump sum benefit when you suffer from one of the listed major health event. (eg. cancer, heart attack or stroke, etc.)
Receive Monthly Benefit for being unable to work due to sickness or injuries.
Child Cover Option Receive Benefit when a child suffers a serious illness, disability, death or terminal illness.
Premium Paid via Super (100% or Partially)
Free Health Reward Program
Multiple claims
Additional Claims Safety Net
Protected Cover for Future Claims
Premium From AU$30.00/month From AU$30.00/month From AU$30.00/month From AU$50.00/month From AU$50.00/month
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