In the event of a permanent inability to work due to illness or injury, Total and Permanent Disability Cover (TPD) offers a lump sum benefit. This financial support aims to alleviate financial stress, sustain your quality of life, settle mortgages, fund children’s education, and cover out-of-pocket medical, as well as retirement expenses.


Disability Benefits

In case of a total or partial disability due to an accident, the insured will receive full or partial payment of the sum insured.

24/7 Global Protection

Wherever you are globally, at any given moment, you benefit from continuous 24/7 protection, providing peace of mind for your family and yourself.

Child Cover

Child insurance can be added to prevent accidents during a child's growth, providing compensation to parents for property losses incurred due to work delays caused by caring for their children.

Temporary Security

During the underwriting period, before the policy is officially approved, you receive complimentary accident insurance.

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Who needs disability insurance?

Individuals with real estate and loans, seniors, and dependents, may have the following wealth protection needs in the event of accidental injury:

  1. Property Protection: Desire to safeguard property, repay loans, and mitigate the risk of leverage issues.

  2. Business Continuity: Seek protection for the business, ensuring a continuous fund flow for effective management.

  3. Lost Income Due to Sickness: Need coverage for lost income due to illness and incapacity to work.

  4. Medical Bills and Rehabilitation Costs: Want financial assistance for medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation costs not covered by Medicare or Private Health.

  5. Cash Flow Security for Dependents: Wish to provide cash flow security for dependent family members, including children, spouses, parents, etc.

How to Customize Insurance Policy?

Calculate the sum assured

What is the mortgage repayment amount? Are there other outstanding debts? How much income needs protection? What are the education costs for children? What is the necessary living expenses?

Confirm premium coverage

What is your yearly disposable income? Determine a premium that won't impact your quality of life. A general suggestion is to allocate around 5-10% of your income for insurance configuration based on your individual circumstances.

Find the balance of protection

Tailor the coverage amount to fit within your affordable premium range. The concept is to invest in long-term comprehensive protection without compromising your quality of life. Strive for a balance between coverage and premiums, putting you in control of your wealth.

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The Speed Lending Insurance specialist team is highly trained and experienced in risk management. We have successfully assisted many individuals in making claims during crisis situations. Our approach is straightforward, helping you compare top Australian insurance brands efficiently. This empowers you to customize a preferred insurance solution that meets your protection needs—affordable and tailored to your preferences. This streamlined service saves you time and money, providing an intimate one-stop insurance and wealth management experience.

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Insurance comparison Life TPD Trauma Income Protection Active
Receive Monthly Benefit for being unable to work due to sickness or injuries.
Receive a lump sum benefits when you are permanently disabled and unable to work to in your occupation or any occupation.
Receive a lump sum benefit when you suffer from one of the listed major health event. (eg. cancer, heart attack or stroke, etc.)
Receive Monthly Benefit for being unable to work due to sickness or injuries.
Child Cover Option Receive Benefit when a child suffers a serious illness, disability, death or terminal illness.
Premium Paid via Super (100% or Partially)
Free Health Reward Program
Multiple claims
Additional Claims Safety Net
Protected Cover for Future Claims
Premium From AU$30.00/month From AU$30.00/month From AU$30.00/month From AU$50.00/month From AU$50.00/month


If you answered Yes to the following questions, then you need it. 

  • In the event that you cannot work due to an accident, illness/disability, will this affect your ability to earn money?
  • Do you need adequate back-up plans to provide the necessary cash flow protection?
  • Do you have responsibilities to pay off your home loan?
  • Do you want to build a wealth moat for those who depend on you (family or children)? 
  • Do you want to build a layer of leveraged protection for your property?
  • Do you want to feel more secure in your future work and life? 

Generally, there are two types of occupational definitions in general disability insurance, and different occupational definitions will have different compensation standards:

Own Occupation: Claims can be made if the insured is unable to do his or her own occupation due to disability. For example, if the insured person is an electrician and is unable to do his job as an electrician due to an accident, he can get a claim, although the insured person may also be able to do other clerical jobs.

Any Occupation: Claims can be made if the insured is unable to do any job due to disability. For example, the insured person is an electrician who is unable to work as an electrician due to an accident and must also be unable to do any other non-electrician work.

Disability due to self-harm or criminal conduct is generally not covered, nor are exemptions due to pre-existing medical records.

Under normal circumstances, Australian disability insurance is not mandatory for how many years it is bound, nor is it mandatory for how much it costs. Premium customization can be adjusted completely according to your own situation, goals, and needs. There are many factors that affect premiums, including: sum insured, age, gender, premium structure, whether you smoke, whether you have existing health risks, etc. General insurance will have a “validity period”, such as “valid until the age of 99”. During the validity period, the policyholder can adjust or terminate it at any time according to the protection needs of himself and the beneficiary.

Only through underwriting can one formally have an effective guarantee contract. Underwriting is the process by which an insurance company decides whether to underwrite after reviewing the risk factor of the applicant. Generally, the following questions will be asked:

  • your age
  • Are you smoking, drinking, taking drugs, etc.
  • Nature of the work
  • medical history and existing health conditions
  • Family history
  • Do you have high-risk hobbies, etc.

Based on the information you provide, the insurance company will decide whether to further arrange a medical examination process to confirm the health status.

The amount of coverage you choose depends on your individual circumstances and needs. Everyone’s situation is different, but generally there are a few main aspects to consider: 

Income: If I can’t work, how much money do I need to maintain the quality of life in the future, even retirement? 

Loans: If there is no income, how can I help my family pay off the debt and keep the house?

Children: In the event of not being able to work, how can we ensure that our children’s lives and education are not affected?

Of course, the higher the sum assured, the higher the premium will be. You also need to consider your insurance affordability. For example, many people may use less than 5-10% of their income to cover the cost of full family insurance. Everyone can freely customize the amount of insurance and premiums according to their own circumstances.

In a word, the golden principle of insurance for Hippo Wealth is to provide a long-term comprehensive protection without affecting the quality of life, and to find a balance point in the three aspects of insurance products, insured amount and premium.


Who do I contact in the event of a claim? For insurance claim events, please promptly contact the Speed Lending Insurance team at; we will notify the insurance company based on your claim event and assist in preparing the necessary supporting documents.

Are there any additional charges for claims service? No, the claims service offered by Speed Lending to Insurance members is provided at no extra cost.

Can I contact the insurance company directly? Yes, you can. As your insurance policy is a legal contract between you and the insurance company, you have the option to directly contact the insurance company to initiate a claim.

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