When should you teach kids about finances?

In light of Australia’s soaring household debt, which reached an average of $261,492 per household as of December 2022, the importance of educating children about finances becomes increasingly evident. Living in an era where spending and borrowing have never been more accessible, it is crucial to recognize that kids form their financial habits early, typically by the age of seven.

While some may argue for preserving childhood innocence by avoiding discussions about financial stress, the reality is that social and marketing pressures, coupled with easy access to credit, make it imperative to instill financial literacy in children. Delaying gratification becomes a fundamental skill that empowers kids to save and budget effectively, paving the way for responsible financial decisions in adulthood.

In a world where overspending contributes to financial stress, teaching children about money early on becomes one of the most significant considerations. Fostering a culture of savings and responsible financial behavior from a young age can mitigate the risk of future financial challenges and empower the next generation to make informed financial decisions.

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